Thursday, December 23, 2010

Backtrack Dos- San Diego

december 11tth was my debut performance on the west coast.
how was it? guacamole and crisps! -not a piece of cake. there was no cake.
it was a full day's performance about 5 hours- not including breaks-
at Noel-Baza Fine Art and afterward about another hour and a half
photo-shoot at Josue Castro's studio a block or so away.
i just did my thing and at the end they were all giving me applause.
there were three of us artists at work for this event but at the end
the other two stood aside and left me there kind of awkwardly taking
the ovation. come on guys! it wasn't just me...
i was well far away way beyond exhaustion after the photo-shoot. in
the perfect condition to do a real butoh performance! i could feel the
lack of control beginning to overwhelm me. i could have done anything
with that erratic energy and then i would have keeled over. ka-pooot
there are so many california hard bodies around there, but not one of
them would do what i did on saturday. would any of them do what my
soft, weak, unbalanced, nerve damaged body did?
it was pretty simple, but not at all what the organizer of the even
had in mind. she thought i would sit and just be a blank canvas. with
all my flaws and body hair how could i possibly be a blank canvas?! i
was not about to be judge like that. so i set myself to be in an
active and receptive mode- acting and reacting to the conditions
around and within me. I was no manikin, though i heard a woman ask if
i was one. she obviously need to come a bit closer.
these art people in san diego had never seen such a performance and
there were many who were touched by it. the energy in the room was
good. very few targs threw their lame thoughts into my groove. i was
afraid i was going to have to feed my performance with all the
negative vibes from the viewers, but that did not happen- this time.
thank goodness!
for the shoot afterward i was about to go snap, but it was happening
in a fun-like way.
my Human sat in the background while i was shot and even without my
glasses i could see his face beaming as one completely in love! :D for
that, it was worth the sore muscles and exhaustion!

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