Thursday, December 2, 2010

uncomfortable wisdoms from the tm

at some point in my young life, when i was under the influence of it's
joy, declared that yellow was my favorite color. later when i learned
that it was the color of both cowardice and creativity i was ever more
certain that i war right in claiming it.

i am uncomfortable with using people's names- saying them. use of nick
names/pet names can be even worse sometimes because those are even
more familiar.

sorry but, i will always love darth vader more than any of you. not
all little girls follow the pattern of giggly falling in love with
luke skywalker and then discover how hot the bad boy han solo is. oh
no. my heart went straight for the god-man-cyborg; the scarred old
handicapped war vet..

i do not often eat animal products, but i don't really think of myself
as a vegan- it is just a concise label to cover what has become
something too long to explain when trying to get a meal.

i will not deny that i have the nature of a territorial predator. i am
a hunter, a stalker. i have the ability to kill and am not afraid of
that power. i just have to respect the fact that too many others are
afraid of that power.

i hate being in a human body among other humans. i think i will always
be uncomfortable with it.

everyone should be naked in a public and nonsexual setting at least
once in their lives and learn what it is to honestly lie to your
fellows. among other things.

there are many facets to every person. there is no one who is
absolutely constant or stable. that is a cheap generalization that too
many people take for granted.

the sun burns the skin. why burn yourself like a meat product meant
for consumption?

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