Thursday, March 12, 2015

Be thankful this isn't where you live

I now present photographic evidence of the incredible forces needed to render my neighborhood without electricity.


A doomed team of men came around to change the advertising tarpaulin in the lot next door. In the old days it would have been mildly talented sign painters. This lot was not very talented and off to a bad start; there was quite a bit of arguing. Hotter heads prevailed and one of them was fired/quit on the spot. 

When they tried to continue on (repacking at this point, I suppose) a piece of the tattered old sign fell onto the power lines. Because it's a bright morning, the first thing I noticed was that the internet was down. Then I noted the lights not working. Then I went out to see...
The group of men claimed they had called the fire department, but did they? They took off quickly so we were in suspense until a truck arrived; followed soon after by folks who could actually fix the problem. The whole situation did not last very long, but there you see- any little thing and it's tacos by candle light.