Wednesday, April 7, 2010


The night before we left Mexico the sky opened up and it poured. I was excited about even half way experiencing actual weather in that part of the world. I wanted so much to go outside and see the mud run and the usually shabby looking excuses for bright coloration finally pop to life. But by the time I got out and about, the sun and earth scrambled to grab and hide away as much of the rain water as either of them could. The green plants and the flowers couldn't help smiling a little bigger in their floristic way even though I suspect they were told not to. Out on the the roads just about everything looked dry in the sunshine until our route towards the border crossing, which is normally just roads, had become a canal! We were driving in a foot and half  (or so) of water! And when it would have seemed obvious to say  the Mexican Spanish term for LOOK OUT! there was silence. The colloquialism is AGUAS! (which means waters, by the way). Pun. Ahem.
That wasn't the only excitement before getting out of (bullet) Dodge.
Something was holding up 'The Line' to the border crossing checkpoint. What we drove passed was a burnt out car sitting in the middle of the bridge. we couldn't tell if the car was bombed or if it bombed out, as in, overheated and caught on fire all by itself. There were no police around or even a fire or tow truck for that matter. The whole scene was super calm. Which made it surreal.
We waited for news of the event to appear in either the American or Mexican news, but there was not a blurp of it. Again. kind of strange, with all the media coverage about everything going on...

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