Monday, December 20, 2010

A Taco Stand Experience

Tonight was designated taco night and the Human took me into TJ to
have my very own, authentic taco stand experience. This was more hard
core than usual because the rain. When it rains around here the
streets turn into canals unexpectedly- unfortunately none of the
vehicles here are part boat for these times of need. The other unique
danger is the presence of police officers. They tend to attract
bullets. But this night was so lousy there were no cops and I didn't
think there would even be any hits in this kind of weather.
The Human took me to his favorite place to eat tripe and or cabesa de
vaca tacos; a place called Franc Tacos or some such. This obviously is
not a vegan experience not matter how much meat product is not on a
taco shell.
We dodged the rain drops and sat at the most happening place: right at
the counter. The warming trays were wafting the smells of gray meats
in our faces while the chefs masterfully chopped everything up right
quick and threw handfuls of this and that usual ingredients on shells
fresh made with maize and lard. It felt amazing to sit there and eat
that food- minus the meaty meat. I had two salsa y guacamole tacos.
Human asked if I wanted more but I refused on the grounds of not
wanting to over-do a good thing. This is fast food. Fast down the
throat. A flash of brilliant connection to a place and people and then
you give your seat to the next customer.

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