Monday, April 18, 2016

Child Parts Can Kill You

broken tooth
Do you want to know a strange fact about the already strange tm?

I have an adult sized baby tooth. 

This baby tooth could be a complete mutant that sprang up instead of a normal, rooted pearly white after I lost my first one OR it could be that I always had this oversized child's tooth and a horrible memory for that sort of dental oddity.

It's the #29, the second bicuspid on the lower right. It as no root and looks like it wants to be a molar. It it did anyway, before it cracked in half. I bit down and shattered this possible last remnant of childhood on an unexpected olive pit. (Isn't that how everyone's childhood goes?)
I left the tooth sections alone until one part was so wobbly I could not stand it any longer and I took it upon myself to rip the loose bit out. There was no pain and a little blood. With a swish of hydrogen peroxide all was as fine as could be. You can see the lower portion of the tooth in the picture were the root should be is just a jagged edge that had the whole thing hooked in place.
Thankfully, the occasion was nothing like those dreams where your teeth just kind of fall right out of your mouth into your hands in broken shards. *shudder*

Now I have half of an adult sized baby tooth. And though I was told it should be pulled, it must stay right where it is because the molar that would be right next to it has long since been removed. If I were to pull out the fragment, I would be left with a  significant gap. And then how am I supposed to predigest my veggies? I have a hard enough time as it is with two gaps wide enough to get whole almond stuck in them. And while temporary almond teeth are fun things they are uncomfortable and very impractical.

Other than being something of a child-ish curiosity, this tooth thing is significant for another more sobering reason; a possible link to cancer.
Here are some statistics! -
20% of women with epithelial ovarian cancer have hypodontia (congenitally missing teeth), as opposed to 3% of women overall. Women who have ovarian cancer are 8 times as likely to have hypodontia than those without ovarian cancer.  
In the light of these facts plus not knowing if I am missing an adult tooth or if this is some other anomalous-ness really puts a damper on things. It prevents me from enthusiastically celebrating yet another one of my subtle, freakish qualities. I mean, what would I say then? -
Huzzah, I have a higher chance of developing cancer because I have a genetic mutation! -?
Put something like that on a banner. Write that in icing on a cake.

broken toothI'd do it. It's seems like a good laugh if you are in that morbid kind of bent, but I would be eating cake alone. I just know it. And I don't even want cake. Damn the refined sugar! I want implants.
Dental implants to keep that clear. While it would be amusing to have other sorts of implants, they aren't so necessary to my survival and wellbeing as teeth.
Dental implants seem to best option because they are just like natural teeth once they are in. Dentures just suck (from my observations of the people in my life who have them) and bridges damage existing teeth which makes no sense to me. Why damage what is there? Doesn't that come across as absurd?

The cost to restore my teeth (all of them that need work) will total at least 6000usd. At least. That is without insurance coverage; providing I have the work done in Mexico. At the rate I am going with work it would take me years to come up with that kind of money. Seriously. Some aspects of my life play out like 1916 rather than 2016. I do appreciate history really, but sometimes... it just bites- or maybe gums you into a severe state of annoyance when you get too far behind the current norms.

Well, um, on that note:
If you would like to contribute to my fairly toothy fund, 
I am shamelessly posting these links:  ||  No PayPal account? Click here.
With that put out to the Universe, I can only hope for all the benevolence It has to offer and the ability to laugh it off easily if nothing comes of my asking. I do get moody about things a bit too often- maybe... So why not help me reduce my chances of being moody? Give a little something. Share the links around.

Besides the dental fixer-upper, I guess I would have to be tested for cancer as well.. sigh.. Does any one else think it's weird to have a wish list (at my age and in my supposed good health) that involves medical things like getting an MRI or a blood test or new teeth or an eye operation?